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Frequently requested resources


Forecasts and information from NOAA's National Weather Service

Find and contact your local National Weather Service forecast office. A phone directory is available at​. You can also get your local forecast online by entering your Zip Code at​

For public inquiries about products and services from the National Weather Service, e-mail or call the NWS Customer Service Line at (301)-427-9855.


Human Resources: NOAA's Office of Human Capital Service

For questions related to human resource matters, including benefits, please visit  


Jobs and careers with NOAA

To learn more about jobs and careers with NOAA, please visit our Work With Us page. You can also search for the latest open positions at NOAA on


Media resources

Reporters looking for a NOAA expert, image, video or other information should visit our For the Media page. Media releases as well as the latest webstories and multimedia content are available from our News & Features page.


Nautical charts

The entire suite of U.S. coastal and Great Lakes charts are available for download from our Charting page.  


NOAA organizations

To contact a specific NOAA organization, please visit Our Work page to find separate pages for NOAA's main line and program offices. You might also want to check out our NOAA Headquarters organizational chart.



You can request formal and informal educational resources by e-mail to or by phone at (301)-713-1208.


Report an injured or stranded marine mammal in need of help

Reporting a sick, injured, entangled, stranded, or dead animal is the best way to make sure professional responders and scientists know about it and can take appropriate action.


Staff directory

To contact a NOAA staff member, please visit the online NOAA Staff Directory. For assistance, email the NOAA Staff Directory Help Desk at


Weather and climate records

Please visit the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information or call (828) 271-4800.


Website comments and questions

Please send any comments or questions regarding to the NOAA Webmaster at


 (Web site owner: NOAA Communications)

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