Resource collections

Resources to help integrate NOAA science into formal and informal education.

Education resources are distributed across many websites and program offices at NOAA and partner websites. This portal is designed to help you access these resources from one location. Materials are organized by themes aligned with common teaching topics. Learn more about how we designed these collections. 

Ocean & coasts

Physical and chemical processes of ocean and coastal areas.

Weather & atmosphere

Earth's climate system and concepts related to climate variability.


Earth's climate system and concepts related to climate variability.

Marine life

Biology, habits, and threats to organisms that live in aquatic environments.


Sources, processes, and threats to freshwater environments and drinking water.

Elementary science

Bring NOAA resources to your kindergarten through fifth-grade students.

Data resources for educators

Lesson plans featuring NOAA data, as well as real-time and historical data in a variety of formats. 

Special topics

Additional resources
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