Drew Lawler, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Fisheries.

Drew Lawler

Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Fisheries

As the Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Fisheries, Andrew J. (Drew) Lawler engages in high-level development and negotiation of NOAA international fisheries policy at fisheries bilateral and multilateral meetings with foreign nations and in various external activities and meetings as the Deputy Assistant Secretary and NOAA Administrator deem appropriate. He will provide general policy guidance on various aspects of NOAA’s international fisheries work, such as sustainable management of fisheries, the protection of marine resources, supporting the export of U.S. fisheries products, and combating illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Prior to serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary, Mr. Lawler launched nine magazines over a 35 year period. His career in international trade began 30 years ago when he launched and served as CEO and publisher of the first of three magazines to help U.S. businesses grow their exports and global footprint. In addition, Mr. Lawler was a publisher for a saltwater sport fishing magazine for 15 years, and he launched a saltwater fishing trade show that is now in its tenth year. Concurrently, Mr. Lawler’s interest in agriculture led him to launch a media company that serves America’s cattle ranchers.

Mr. Lawler is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in public relations from the Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism. He has served on a number of boards and is currently on the Board of Trustees at Northrise University in Zambia.

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